The Importance of Foot Health

The Importance of Foot Health

foot health

Discuss here The Importance of Foot Health. Our feet are one of the most used but abused parts of the body. They take us where we want to go, and they carry our weight for miles and miles, up and down, every day. But many people tend to ignore the importance of foot health until the problems start. The main culprit, in fact, is ignorance. Lots of people simply don’t know how to take care of their feet. In fact, foot care has a lot to do with common sense, except when the problem is caused by a medical condition, such as diabetic foot problems. But ignore your feet, and you are risking infections and diseases that could be very dangerous. The Importance of Foot Health

Fashion can be really harmful to foot health.

How many women have had blisters and bunions on the feet painfully confined to high heels? Or men who have a tendency to wear a pointed foot. You will be amazed at how many foot problems can be avoided simply by choosing good, practical shoes. Choose shoes with round toes and keep the heels as low as possible. Anything over three inches can be football hell. One of the most common problems is of course the feet of athletes. It is caused by the Trichophyton fungus, which has hot, sweaty feet, hence its name. If left untreated, it attacks the top layer of the skin, causing itching and burning, or even bleeding. When an infection appears, a blister called tinea pedis appears.

Athletic foot can be avoided by washing and drying your feet thoroughly and using shoes made of materials that “breathe” such as leather. Foot powder helps a lot, too. If you get it, use an anti-fungal cream, and never use topical steroids, which allow the fungus to multiply. The home remedy is to soak the foot in a solution of 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water. Clipping your nails is a simple task to keep feet healthy. But it must be done correctly, or you may end up with wounds that can become easily infected or, worse yet, an ingrown toenail that must be treated surgically and never try to camouflage cracked or discolored nails with paint. It can make the problem worse.

 Foot Health

If you are running to exercise, you put a lot of stress on your feet. Often pimples appear, or your nails may turn black or even fall off. Another common foot problem is calluses in the feet, which result from friction between your feet and your shoes and cause thickening of the skin, usually the soles of the feet. Warts caused by a virus can also grow on the feet. You will undoubtedly hear about home remedies that are supposed to be successful for common foot diseases. Be careful though, as many of these will only exacerbate the problem. The Importance of Foot Health

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