Organizing Your Recipes

Organizing Your Recipes


We discuss here Organizing Your Recipes. While many of us enjoy cooking, it isn’t always easy to keep track of our great recipe collections. In order to make your recipes easier to find (not to mention give your patience a breather!), We’ll talk about some ways you can organize your recipes.

Recipe book

Instead of storing your recipes in a “random shoebox” way, how about turning them into a beautiful recipe book? If most of your recipes are listed on index cards or recipe cards, a photo album with plastic sleeves may work well for you as long as the card fits snugly into the slot. If you have a large collection of recipes, try to get a large family photo album that allows eight to twelve slots per cover (front and back). It’s entirely up to you, as the recipe book should reflect your preferences. Some people prefer to sort based on main dishes, desserts, breads / pastries, drinks, etc., while others prefer alphabetical order.

If you don’t have recipes on cards, or if you’re like most people, your recipes may be on sheets and cards of all shapes and sizes. If this is the case, you might want to consider writing and printing them all. After you’ve moved all of your recipes into this new format, the next step is to get a link (the three volumes work well) and some tabbed dividers. Label each separator according to the category you want (ex: meal type, alphabetical order, etc.) and start punching holes in your recipe sheets to accommodate link loops. If you prefer, you can purchase the plastic sleeve to keep your sheets spill-proof – something highly recommended for countering stains of sauce, batter, or grease that always tend to stain our favorite recipes.

Whether you use a photo album or file, don’t be afraid to get creative with your recipe book. Get some construction paper and glue or cut out pictures from magazines. There’s nothing wrong with adding a dash of imagination that might inspire you to cook!

ERecipe Catalog

The Internet is not only a great place to search millions of recipes, but it is also useful for storing what you already have. Sites like WeGottaEat and OneTSP are free to sign up and allow you to add your own recipes by simply typing them in. Yes, it might be boring if you have a lot of recipes, but just imagine how easy it would be to find a recipe by typing in a keyword and clicking “search.” You can also browse accurate member recipes and send recipes to friends and family. Online recipe storage sites are very easy to use, so you don’t have to be a particular computer savvy to take advantage of this nifty feature. Also, by storing your own recipes online, you can easily include images that would mean adding a collage to your recipe kit. Organizing Your Recipes


Suppose you like the idea of easily searching and checking out your recipes, but you are not very keen on relying on an internet connection. You might not want to completely dismiss the computerized recipe book option. There is a wealth of recipe software available for download on the Internet. Many of them are classified as “freeware,” which means you can download and use the program for free. Some cooking software is available online for purchase, but they offer some useful “add-ons” that are worth the money, such as measuring calculators and converters, meal planning and shopping lists, and nutritional value calculations. Organizing Your Recipes

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