In Sri Krishna, this actress played the character of Rukmani, people had become crazy about her smile – she still looks so beautiful


Many years ago today Ramanand Sagar not only produced Ramayana, but he also made the Shri Krishna serial. Let us tell that like Ramayana, this serial also became very popular among the audience.
However, the thing to note here is that this serial is being shown again on Doordarshan instead of Ramayana. However, today we are going to talk about the very main character of Shri Krishna, Rukmini.

Actually, in Shri Krishna, an actress named Pinky Parekh played the role of Rukmini, but where she is today and what life she is living, very few people would know about it.

Now Rukmini of Shri Krishna stays away from the world of the TV industry

First of all, let us tell you that Pinky Parekh became very famous in the house only after playing this one character, and her sweet smile used to win everyone’s heart.

Well, very few people know that after Shri Krishna, Pinky Parekh has also appeared in another show Alif Laila of Doordarshan.

On the other hand, if we talk about her personal life, then Pinky Parekh is a resident of Gujarat, so she has also acted in many Gujarati films. Yes, she has also received the Best Actress Award for a Gujarati film Man Moti Ne Kach.

Pinky Parekh’s cute smile won everyone’s heart

At present, he is away from the world of the film and TV industry for a long time, but now that the audience is seeing him again in Shri Krishna, he is being discussed a lot everywhere.

In such a situation, we hope that Pinky Parekh will definitely make a comeback in this industry again on the demand of the audience. They say that whatever happens only for good, that is why because of this lockdown, those who have forgotten artists,

They have got a chance to make their mark again. At present, the character of Rukmini, played by Pinky Parekh in Shri Krishna, is being liked a lot by the audience.

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