Foot Health Problems

Foot Health Problems

foot health

We discuss here Foot Health Problems. Many foot health problems are not considered serious by the medical profession. However, it is painful and irritating. A sore foot or a sore foot may not push you to the doctor’s office, but it may put you in a poor mental state. There are many such inconveniences, one of which is the tumor. A bunion is a bump on the foot at the base of the big toe. Many women tend to have bunions more often than men, possibly due to the fact that women wear high heels.

To prevent bunions, always buy comfortable, well-fitting shoes and make sure you have enough room for the toes. If you already have a lump, most pharmacies will sell sanitary pads that, when applied to the lump, protect it from further misuse. Tumors that cause severe discomfort can be treated surgically.

Another painful foot problem is callus. Calluses are thickened areas of skin that may occur on the ball of the foot or above a lump. High-heeled shoes often cause calluses as they put pressure on the soccer ball. Calluses can be treated at home by massaging them with an over-the-counter ointment and then rubbing the dead skin with a pumice stone. If this is ineffective, a podiatrist can remove the nail chemically or with surgery. Foot Health Problems

Foot Health

Corn is basically like callus but is smaller. Drug stores sell a hole padded patch that can fit over the corn and protect it from extra stress while it heals. A wart that tends to develop on the foot is a common wart or plantar wart. Many of them can appear on the foot and can make walking very uncomfortable. There are many home remedies for warts, but perhaps the most effective treatments are over-the-counter products available at any pharmacy.

If the warts do not respond to home treatment, doctors can prescribe stronger treatments. But if that fails, a podiatrist can remove a wart on the foot in three ways. They can be burned with electricity, frozen with liquid nitrogen, or scraped. Another troublesome condition is athlete’s foot. It is very common and contagious. Foot Health Problems

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