Foot Health Courses - Your Ticket to a New Life

Foot Health Courses – Your Ticket to a New Life

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Discuss here Foot Health Courses – Your Ticket to a New Life. Ready to start a new career with a foot health training course? If so, your search is over. Training to become a foot health practitioner, podiatrist, or nail technician (performing manicures or cutting nails) is probably the best step you take. With population aging in most western countries, the foot care industry is about to explode as Boomers retire, so now is your best chance to join.

Best Foot Care Course Providers:

  1. Stonebridge College
  2. SMAE Institute
  3. College of Foot Health Practitioners (formerly West Midlands School of Chiropractic)
  4. Open a college of study

They all offer foot exercises in two parts, a theoretical section and a practical section. With theory, you learn in the comfort of your own home or distance learning as it is called with a dedicated tutor on hand to help and guide you. The practical part is carried out over a period of one or two weeks in an equipped training facility. These foot care courses give students the confidence to perform basic foot care such as removing calluses and calluses and treating a wide variety of foot and nail conditions such as fungal infections and warts.

The cost of these courses may seem a little high from the start, around £2000 depending on the number of weeks of practical training. But when you compare this to how much you can earn, it is worth it. Once you complete your foot care course, you will be eligible and registered to practice with that organization and will generally provide your insurance coverage. However, you will not be able to use the nickname “Chiropodist” or “Podiatrist” because they are now legally protected titles.

Current pedicure openings in the world of pedicure

If you are looking for how the UK footcare industry exists in its current form, the list below is the structure based on educational requirements (and this excludes one of the largest sectors – footwear):

  • A podiatrist / chiropractor
  • Foot therapy assistant (medical pedicure in usa)
  • Foot health practitioner
  • Nail Technician / Nail Specialist (MediBeds in USA)
  • Reflections

Foot Therapy is the professional end to foot health with invasive procedures such as ingrown toenails and bunion removal with gait analysis describing orthotics. Courses for podiatrists are usually full-time undergraduate degrees, although part-time courses are available. Foot Health Courses – Your Ticket to a New Life

Foot Health Courses

Although at the lower end of the scale, a good way to make the foot health industry. To train as a nail technician or esthetician. They are of ten that are part of a beauty therapist course but may be performe individually at some colleges. It aims to beautify the feet, many people only find that they need to have their nails trimmed. So, the potential income of a nail technician is not much different from that of a foot health practitioner.

Typically, FHP builds its business on a home visiting practice. However, this has many bonus points like being your own boss, working and charging for what you want as well as minimizing the cost. What might surprise you more, is that by completing one of these foot health courses, it will give you the potential to earn an astonishing amount of money compared to the general population of 9-5, thus giving you the tools to change your life for the better – if you set up your practice properly. Foot Health Courses – Your Ticket to a New Life

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