You will be stunned to see pictures of this girlfriend of Karisma Kapoor – see photos


Karisma Kapoor has been a very famous heroine in her time. Karisma Kapoor used to be one of the most famous traces of the 90’s.
Born and raised in Mumbai, he is a member of the Kapoor family, where his parents and other relatives are all involved in the Indian film industry.

Despite his family background, his father hated those who entered the film industry and separated from his mother.

His first film was ‘Prisoner of Love. When the film was released, no one knew that Karisma would one day rule the Indus tree. Did he know that the time to come will be known by the name of Karisma Kapoor?
Charisma was most prevalent in the 90s. She was one of the best and most beautiful actresses of that time. Everyone wanted to work with them.

During this time he made many hits. At that time, his duo with Govinda was the most famous. Govinda and Karisma’s films used to go housefull. Karisma’s naughty style and Govinda’s dance comedy won the hearts of the people.

Karisma made her name in Bollywood with her powerful acting skills. But after marriage, he said goodbye to Bollywood. He had distanced himself from films.
Although in between she appeared in some movies or TV shows. It was a miracle, but let’s talk about her daughter Sameera, she is no less than anyone in terms of beauty.

Suppose all the qualities of a mother have come to Sameera. Sameera’s photos are going viral on social media these days. Sameera looks extremely beautiful in these photos.

However, today is the time of Star Kid. There is talk of Star Kids everywhere. Star Kids in the headlines more than parents. One of them is named Sameera.

However, Sameera does not like to be in the limelight like everyone else. She is often spotted with her mother. However, her beauty is not hidden from people.
Tell me, Sameera is just 12 years old now. But even at such a young age, they make themselves blonde in a very good way. Sameera has a good knowledge of style and fashion. You can tell by looking at their picture.

Let it be known that Karisma Kapoor has divorced her husband Sanjay Kapoor. Only a few years after the marriage came the news of discord between the two.
At the moment, Karisma’s two children live with her. There were reports recently that Karisma may once again tie the knot soon.
There, her ex-husband remarried. Let’s see some good pictures of Sameera.

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