When Shahrukh Khan said about Suhana Khan’s boyfriend, if he kisses, I will break his face.


Shahrukh Khan’s work may not be going well at the moment but the whole world of his imitation is crazy. King Khan has worked for many years in Bollywood films. Shahrukh Khan has worked in many popular films. However, apart from imitating, people love one of his habits and that is the love of his family.

Everyone knows that Shahrukh is very protective of his family and tries to give them all the happiness. He is especially close to Suhana. Sometimes it becomes too much protection for Suhana. On one occasion, Shahrukh had told Suhana’s boyfriend that if he kissed her, he would cut off her mouth.

In fact, when Shahrukh Khan has reached Karan Johar’s talk show with Coffee and Karan with actress Alia Bhatt. During this time, many things were revealed. At the same time, Shahrukh said something about Suhana’s boyfriend’s daughter, clearly showing her protective nature.

Karan Johar asks Alia what age her first boyfriend was made of. This time, she says her first boyfriend was made at the age of 16. Karan immediately tells Shahrukh that ‘Your daughter is 16 years old, will you kill that person if he kisses your daughter?’ This time Shahrukh Khan says ‘I will bite his lips.’ After this Karan, It is said that I knew this. And Karan says Shahrukh’s daughter is 16 years old and if she thinks she has a boyfriend, it will be over. This video of her is now becoming viral on social media.

Speaking of the work, Shahrukh Khan last appeared in the film Zero. With this film, you have tried to do something new but the film failed. This film did not receive much response in the box. In this case, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif were in the lead role. From then on, Shahrukh had distanced himself from the big screen and was waiting for a good script. Now she will soon be appearing to Pathan.

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