Simple Tips to Organize Your Recipes

Simple Tips to Organize Your Recipes


We discuss here Simple Tips to Organize Your Recipes. You sit down to plan the menu for the week and prepare for another trip to the grocery store. There was that recipe that I made a couple of weeks ago that everyone loved, where is it? You dig through handwritten papers, shredded magazine pages, and shredded index cards. Pause and read a card you remember now that you were yearning to try 6 months ago. Somehow when it comes to your home’s filing system, you never make it to the kitchen. Now is the time to take action and organize all of those recipes!

Paper Recipes: I am sure you have found printed recipes that come in many shapes and sizes. To start a home recipe filing system, have all the recipes together in one place. You will then start sorting them into categories. For example: Vegetables, appetizers, main course, and desserts. You can either choose your own categories in advance, perhaps with the help of a cookbook, or choose them when you start sorting. It is possible that your categories will become apparent during sorting because each person’s groups and attributes are slightly different. Some categories may get very large, if this happens, consider subcategories. Simple Tips to Organize Your Recipes

Arrange the recipes alphabetically within each category once you sort them.

While you were sorting, did you come across recipes that no one liked, made before, or did you find a better recipe for them? Now is the time to cleanse your collection. Don’t put back recipes that you won’t use again now that everything has spread. Recipes you didn’t like can go into recycling. If it’s a recipe you still want to try, I suggest one of the two options. You can admit that you won’t really give it a try and recycle, or you can create a “recipes to try” category in your home filing system. This category is great when you’re looking for something different or exciting! Then when you finally try them for the first time, you can either save them to one of the categories you created or recycle them!

Paper Recipe Storage: If you have different sized pages, the standard recipe box is probably not your best storage option, and now that your recipes are sorted and arranged alphabetically, you only want the correct container. The good news is that there are many economical options for new containers to start a filing system in your home. A simple laptop computer can be used. Staple or stick your recipes to pages, then use the surrounding space to jot down notes about them as you try them out. Place a recipe of any size behind a tab in the accordion file. Each three episode cover or photo album are excellent options. Both allow flexibility for recipe sizes, and give you the ability to add the pages you need as your group grows and changes. It will remain open easily while cooking, and can be easily cleaned if food is spilled on your recipe.

Electronic Prescriptions: Keeping our recipes on computers as opposed to on paper is becoming more and more common. When starting a home filing system for your electronic recipes, you have two options. Will you store it on your computer or online?

You can follow a similar layout for your paper recipes by creating categories with folders on your computer.

When storing your recipes this way on your computer, you can take advantage of making your recipes completely portable. If you have a computer with you, you can access all of your recipes, without the need for an internet connection. They also sell software that will help you get organized on your computer, and the benefit of many of them is that they can produce grocery lists or help with meal planning. Consider if you are in the transition from paper to electronic scanning as a good option for transferring paper recipes without having to rewrite everything.

There are a number of different formats you can use to store your recipes online. The benefit is that many of these programs can also help create meal ideas and grocery lists. You also don’t need your computer to access your recipes, all you need is an internet connection. Simple Tips to Organize Your Recipes

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