Health and Fitness to Fight Osteoporosis and Aging

Health and Fitness to Fight Osteoporosis and Aging

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Discuss here Health and Fitness to Fight Osteoporosis and Aging. Like it or not, aging is part of life, and with age comes many challenges that negatively affect one’s health and fitness. One such disease that has affected more than 10 million Americans is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by low bone mass and loss of bone tissue. The name literally means, “porous bones” or “holes in the bone.” That doesn’t sound very nice now, does it?

Osteoporosis is characterized by the progressive thinning of the bones of the body. This results in osteoporosis, which is highly susceptible to fracture. People with osteoporosis often see such fractures in the hip and spine. Injuries to these areas of the body greatly affect their health and fitness level. Injuries associated with osteoporosis often last for long periods of time, sometimes resulting in hospitalization.

Although 10 million Americans currently suffer from osteoporosis, studies indicate that an additional 34 million people have low bone mass and thus are more likely to develop the condition as they age (according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation). These same studies confirm that the cost of fractures associated with osteoporosis will reach $25 billion by 2025. A common misconception is that osteoporosis is a condition that only affects the health and fitness of the elderly. While it is true that symptoms of this disease do not often appear in people under the age of 50, the condition often begins much earlier.

 Fight Osteoporosis and Aging

What causes this common painful and debilitating condition? Like any other part of your body, bone is living tissue, made up of cells. These cells build and break down bone. Think of it this way, bones are always in the process of rebuilding. This process occurs within the so-called extracellular matrix. By about the age of thirty, the bones reach their peak strength and density. From this point on, bone strength and density gradually diminish, sometimes to dangerous levels, as in the case of osteoporosis.

Although progressive weakening of bone is inevitable, there are ways to prevent the more harmful consequences of osteoporosis. One of the key ingredients in preventing osteoporosis is a commitment to improving your health and fitness. Studies show that fitness exercises that force you to work against gravity are very helpful in slowing bone loss. When one engages in strength training, force is applied to the bones. This creates the stimulus necessary for new bone to form. In other words, not only does regular exercise increase muscle health and fitness levels, but it also increases bone mass! Health and Fitness to Fight Osteoporosis and Aging

Health and Fitness

Strength training refers to resistance-creating exercises such as the use of dumbbells, rubber tubes, kettle bells or the various devices available in health and fitness centers. It will guide you on the exercises that will be most effective for your body type and your life situation. Building strong bones through fitness is perhaps the best defense against developing osteoporosis. No matter your age, it is never too late to invest in your health and fitness. With a small investment of your time and energy today, you will take an important step in preventing a physically debilitating condition in the future and look forward to a longer, healthy life! Health and Fitness to Fight Osteoporosis and Aging

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